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||*~Welcome to Naku-chan livejournal~*||
Watch to many dorama and anime:O Because I most update myself with music from both korea and Japan + all the dorama and anime/manga, don't exptect me to know all new news;)
Promise that I am verry busy to update me with all these stuff and with my school work to^^"
Now it is time to tell who I amX)
Is adopted from Vietnam to Sweden.
Lives with my family in a two floors house and we have one dog, one rabbit and three rats.
Study multimedia first year in upper secondary school in Falun.
But I have about one hour buss journey from my house to my school-.-
Try and learn myself HTML and CSS codes...I have a lot of stuff to learn about them.

My hobbie are riding, write fanfics, listen to music and draw manga:)
And I sit to much with my computerX)
Have ridden since I was very young and began on a riding school when I was six years old.
Almost bought a pony the last year, but I decided to not do it now when I would have so long to my new school.
Began to write fanfics for about a year ago:O
And thanks to that I have been so much better on english even if I still suck on itX)
So if the grammatic are wrong, bear with it please*puppy eyes*
Have draw manga in about three or four years now;)

And this livejournal is semi friends locked!
My blogg entries are friends locked and my graphic/download things are open for all:)
However, if you want to read my fics you most go to my other livejournal: kisumai_love^-^

Listen to:

Love to read manga and yaoi!
These manga have I read:
Skip Beat
Vampire Knight
Samurai deeper Kyo
Sailor Moon
Kill me Kiss me


I wanted to check out this site a bit again. I found some things I downloaded and I am greatful for you who takes your time to upload them for us who can't buy it. Right now I am at my friend's place but will go back home today, been here for a week. Been celebrating new year here and eaten a lot of sushi. 

Done some shopping and met a new friend. We share the same hobby, photography so we talked about that. I am a bit down due to what happened to Jonghyun but feeling a little bit better if I am not watching stuff with Shinee or him. 

I hope you guys are okay, I don't which of you that I talked to before are active but it would be nice to talk again. If not well, I am not sad because I am not so active...;) Have a good day now and we will see when I write a post again!

On my way to uni

For some self studies. Not so funny but I need to do it. At Saturday I photographed a showjumping conpetition. And yesterday I edited and send a lot of picture to people so they could look at themself.

So I really need to study right now. But I need to work with my business too. It is hard to make it work out but it will be okay...I guess.

Now Have I arrived so I need to stop writting. Have a nice day everyone :)

From Saturday's competition.

A random post

Right now I am on a gathering with around 30 different people. We have just eaten. I am quit tired because I fell asleep around 02.30am tonight.

At Thuesday I got 23 years old. The time flies so fast! I am not feeling any older so...However I want to turn back the time but keep my aknowlegd from my 23 year.

But nothing to do about it. I have some websitedesign work. And I have accept a huge project. It is a photography exhibition. It will be a great experience!

11.32 pm

Good evening, or maybe a good night? I have just watched a criminal swedish movie, it was okay I guess. Right now I am sitting on the sofa and just ate some ice cream. I have even begin to write a TezukaxEchizen fanfiction, again. I have so many unfinished stories but I got inspiration and never mangage to finish them before my inspiration disappears. It is quit irritating, but one day I will finish them. Tomorrow I will go to Falun and the World Championship in Skiing. Do you know Petter Jr. Northug? He won a gold medal today and it was his second for this championship.

What more...I am a bit tired, it is soon midnight haha. But right now I feel quit good and calm. Maybe a bit cozy and happy? However, I should go to bed to sleep but I slept so long today so I am not so tired that I want to go to bed for some sleep. I think I am in a writting mood, it feels so good to write on this new laptop haha. Soon it is time for Gothenburg and I most plan what to wear and have with me. My new laptop will get a little place on my bag and of course I will have my camera with me so stay tuned for a lot of picture from my little trip to Gotheburg. But now I should continue to write to my heart content, it is so nice to get this inspiration kick. It is a good break from the school. But tomorrow I should really do something about my studies. So until I got inspiration to write here again, be happy and enyoj your life beacuse it is to short to just be sad or aggigated over small trivial things ;)
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Picture from today

Konbanwa minna-san~ genki desuka? I am totally fine, can't wait for Thursday or should I say Wendsday? However, I went to my riding club today to get some picture at the pony I am helping a little girl with. He is so beatiful (if you want my opion). However he was really tense in the first class but it got better to the next one. It was a Pay & Jump showjumping competition without a price cermony. It is like a little test how well you can controll your pony/horse on a real comeptition.

Well, our indoor ring is so dark and it is really hard to take picture on it but I got some nice picture even if it would be better outside where it is more light for the camera. I only took some picture at Sherekhan (pony) and his owner and her's other little Shetlandpony Manne. So not so many picture from today so let me show you some :)

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Good evening

Hello, how are you? I am tired but okay I guess. Tomorrow will I go to a little Pay & Jump competition. Going to take some picture
and maybe help a girl to warm up her horse. After that I will just chill and study a bit. But right now my mind is in Gothenburg and the horse show.
Cannot wait for it to become Thursday and then I will live in a hotel for four nights with my friend.

It is going to be so freaking fun. I have even bought a new laptop while I was absent here and printed out some picture to put on a wall
at a hair salon for dogs. I am even active in a exhibition with two picture of mine. What more...nothing more have happened  I guess. I just drew a picture of Tezuka Kunimitsu
from Prince of tennis...It became okay but you can relly see that I am not used to draw manga now a days sadly.
Maybe I will get a little bit active again, but I am not so into the fangirling stuff, at least not in kpop/jpop...now it is most manga/anime I am fangirling over.
I think that was everything from me right now. I will be back soon I think, sayonara~
My beautiful dog Koda <3
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*~Requestion post~*
I have decided to let you guys ask me to do:
  •  Layouts
  • Graphic
  • Photoshop tutorials
  • Logon to your computer
  • Fics
  • Upload dorama/music
1. I'll only accept two things/month.
2. You most credit.
3. And don't repost them without permission (will maybe accept it if you ask nice and promise to credit me).

*~How to credit~*
Post this code--> <lj user"=naku_92"> in your profile page or in the blurb box in your layout:)
I think you know how to credit properly outside if I aceept an request about post my stuff outside LJ^-^

That's everything, send your requestions in a comment:)
I haven't learnt to do logon to window wista yet:(

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Good evening

Hi everyone...or maybe someone? How are you? I am tired and should go to bed. The clock is 11pm already and I want it to be Saturday right now haha. My life right now is all about my new little own business about photgraphy and graphic design and school. It is okay but I just want my school to end. I am so tired at it so freaking much!

Have you guys heard that Hoshino-sensei might do a comeback with D.gray-man? I cannot wait, have longed for this manga for such a long time now. And Kuroko no basuket season 3 will come out in January and it is confirmed that will even be a third season of Uta no prince-sama.

However, right now I just want D.gray-man, Hakkenden and Beytral knows my name will get a new chapter. It has been a year since Hakkenden and Betrayal knows my name got a new chapter. Well well, I can just wait and hope for the best. Now I really should go to bed and sleep so I can wake up tomorrow morning. Have a nice weekend and I hope I will get a lot of new picture soon so I can show you my improvement :)
My outfit at the lastes work as a photograph :)
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I am still here, third post in a month...most be a record right? However I am tired and on my way to get better from an back injured. It is nothing bad, just a little reckless accident that will heal in a couple of days. I am already way better than at Sunday.

Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilites...though I should just stay put in front of the laptop and study. Not such a funny life but soon it is over. In January or February it is over for good I hope. But who knows, people change just like their plans. Right now I just want it to be 22th of November because then I will go the capital for some shopping and a photography exhibition.

But I will do a really big thing on Saturday, it will be so freaking fun but I will not tell you what for the moment. You guys will get the answers on Sunday night I think. However, I should go to bed right now, I am really tired and I want to watch Beyblade on my Ipad Air haha. Kai is so hot and...badass...and Takao is so childish but a really good friend and person.

Well well, before I begins to rant about everything I will leave for now and wish you a great night/morning or whatever it is where you are living at the moment. Here in Sweden it is...11.30pm already. So goodnight and I will be back again!:)

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