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Dreams come true

||*~Welcome to Naku-chan livejournal~*||
Watch to many dorama and anime:O Because I most update myself with music from both korea and Japan + all the dorama and anime/manga, don't exptect me to know all new news;)
Promise that I am verry busy to update me with all these stuff and with my school work to^^"
Now it is time to tell who I amX)
Is adopted from Vietnam to Sweden.
Lives with my family in a two floors house and we have one dog, one rabbit and three rats.
Study multimedia first year in upper secondary school in Falun.
But I have about one hour buss journey from my house to my school-.-
Try and learn myself HTML and CSS codes...I have a lot of stuff to learn about them.

My hobbie are riding, write fanfics, listen to music and draw manga:)
And I sit to much with my computerX)
Have ridden since I was very young and began on a riding school when I was six years old.
Almost bought a pony the last year, but I decided to not do it now when I would have so long to my new school.
Began to write fanfics for about a year ago:O
And thanks to that I have been so much better on english even if I still suck on itX)
So if the grammatic are wrong, bear with it please*puppy eyes*
Have draw manga in about three or four years now;)

And this livejournal is semi friends locked!
My blogg entries are friends locked and my graphic/download things are open for all:)
However, if you want to read my fics you most go to my other livejournal: kisumai_love^-^

Listen to:

Love to read manga and yaoi!
These manga have I read:
Skip Beat
Vampire Knight
Samurai deeper Kyo
Sailor Moon
Kill me Kiss me

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