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Good evening

Hello, how are you? I am tired but okay I guess. Tomorrow will I go to a little Pay & Jump competition. Going to take some picture
and maybe help a girl to warm up her horse. After that I will just chill and study a bit. But right now my mind is in Gothenburg and the horse show.
Cannot wait for it to become Thursday and then I will live in a hotel for four nights with my friend.

It is going to be so freaking fun. I have even bought a new laptop while I was absent here and printed out some picture to put on a wall
at a hair salon for dogs. I am even active in a exhibition with two picture of mine. What more...nothing more have happened  I guess. I just drew a picture of Tezuka Kunimitsu
from Prince of tennis...It became okay but you can relly see that I am not used to draw manga now a days sadly.
Maybe I will get a little bit active again, but I am not so into the fangirling stuff, at least not in kpop/ it is most manga/anime I am fangirling over.
I think that was everything from me right now. I will be back soon I think, sayonara~
My beautiful dog Koda <3

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