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It's snowing>

OMG it's blowing and snowing like mad>< I hate winter, seriously! I'ts so cold and *sighs*
It seems like the winter is coming right now...I longer after spring and summer ne;)
Then it isn't cold there out.
Right now I wathing Super show for the third timeX)
I love this dvd:D Kyuhyun is "KYYYYAAA~" and Yesung and Donghae is so hyper^-^ Kibum is hyper to and he jumped around while First snow performance, it's so cute<3
Eeteuk as a fairy is so gheiX) Can you imagine Kyuhyun like a sailor office on a big cruise boat?
I'ts so freaking hot so I sream and die and begin to imagine some weird stuff*hihi*
But what can I say, it's so much hotness so I warn you, you will die when you see the dvd.
Sry for not have posting about the until now, but I haven't really could write anything, because I am so hyper about this dvd.
However, Ryeowook like Harry Potter is properly cute<3 Hihi, he some kindo f suit like Harry Potter, otherwise he's moch more cute than Harry Potter~<3
Donghae is übercute under Y.M.C.A*____* And poor Henry became yelled of the fans, I am happy that they have accept him now:D
The animated Super Junior are so funny and cute.
And the danced shadows of Super Junior's dance A man in love is so cool!
Love it and the opening is so cool too.
Gonna rip the dvd later;)
Even if few have already have ripped it I want to try ripp a dvd tooX)
I haven't succed and ripped a dvd before so...I have stopped the rippning before it have finish soxD
Back to the dvd, Eunhyuk can seriously rapp very well, and Kibum's loooong scream before Don't Don is cool, and Kyuhyun on The night Chicago died is so<33333333
I don't like Kangin's solo so much, but I have begun and liked it a bit now:D
The songs I begin and cry to is; Kyuhyun's solo, Yesung and Eeteuk's duet*___* KRY other song I have forgot the name of;)
And almost under the part when all ELF fans sing Marry U to Super Junior*______* Ihaven't really began and cry, but it's so near I began and cryX)
I can say I love the photobooklet and the poster I got with the dvd<333333
I have scanned the whole photobooklet and edit away the most of the scan lines;)


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