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PS tutorials and random talk

Hello minna, I have done two Photoshop tutorials now. I hope you like them, it's the first time for me to do a tutorials so be nice to me:)
It's two½ picture tutorials with text of course. They are simple and I hope you will understand them.
Took me only two hourse...did some other stuff at the same time soX)
Collapse )
I am in school right now, have been it since 8.15...and our first lesson begins 9.40-.-
And we have only three lessons today so it's a bit nice though.
Right now I sit and listen to Super Show, it's the dvd but I only listens to the music because it's hard to write a entry here and watch the dvd at the same time and I have already seen it a lot of time:P
I hope my classmate will come soon and give me acompany, I am all alone right now but two boys in my class who plays WOW all the timeX) Sighs, my just begin and spinning, I think I most go to bed a bit early today ne;)
Now it's time and rabbling baout Kisumai and SUper Junior:D
Have discover that I can edit away the scan lines on the officiall photo shatteredtenshi has posted:D
The only you need to do are to duplicate the background layer and change the layer mood to multiply the new layer and play around with the opacity, but it doesn't work at everyone:/ But mostly it works, but then you most accept that the picture maybe most be a little bit darker than the orgianl is.
Myself thinks it's worse it, you get ride of the irritated scan lines and then the picture looks so much betterX)
Thanks to her have I a wonderful background at my screen at my laptop with Yokoo:D
And I can' wait for Super Junior third album:D
I hope it's so good as the second one or better;)<3
Hopefully will they release a new video to, and then we can hope Kyuhyun will dance through the whole song ne;)
If it's a that kind of song. I think I want a ballad video, it was so long since they did a great and wonderful ballad MV...they haven't done a ballad MV only for them!?
The only ballad MV they have done is the one with the whole SMTOWN:S
Hoho, now I most stop and rabbling, this entry begins to be to long ne, maybe post more later today, it's only the beginning of the day here so much more can happen ne;)
Mata ne minna<3
Don't forget and credit me  naku_92  for the tutorials and Donghae picture.
Credit shatteredtenshi for the Taisuke scan^-^