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Hi minna~! Today it almost raining the all day@_@ at less half of the day?
I have took so many picture with my new camera and I love it^-^
Today I and my mom train our dog Mynta, but she was some kind of little weird today*mwahaha* I don't know if I say this in good or bad way, because she is so


On Monday it's time for countdown for this year, we will celebrate with our neighbour,I don't want it at all~! That will be very funny, they are so kind!
Yesterday I went with my family home to a family we don't have met in three


But it went very well and with did a game, we got to guess diffrent and difficult question about diffrent thing in music*mwahaha*
I got the last placeThe first time I got the third place and the second time we did the game I got the second place.
But I don't was so kind when we ate, because I don't ate almost nothing of the food I got there@_@ I am so weird, and that was so awkward...But then my and the others parents start to talk about a boy in the other family's child's class^^"

But I am very happy that I could met them again after three years~!

I play little in photoshop, but it doesn't went very well I think?

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