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*~Requestion post~*
I have decided to let you guys ask me to do:
  •  Layouts
  • Graphic
  • Photoshop tutorials
  • Logon to your computer
  • Fics
  • Upload dorama/music
1. I'll only accept two things/month.
2. You most credit.
3. And don't repost them without permission (will maybe accept it if you ask nice and promise to credit me).

*~How to credit~*
Post this code--> <lj user"=naku_92"> in your profile page or in the blurb box in your layout:)
I think you know how to credit properly outside if I aceept an request about post my stuff outside LJ^-^

That's everything, send your requestions in a comment:)
I haven't learnt to do logon to window wista yet:(

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